Saturday, April 15, 2006

Unaffiliated & unpublished poem from 2006


my family, that experiment,
never looked fur any good to come of
I my attention should be done, but
dressed up in a black leg of mutton,
and a pigeon-pie, not coat, broke
out so small carried off, my little
I was mean, looking on rosy water
that brought me home, Ah the present
with me, Sometimes, I proceeded
couldnt make it out, waits for loss,
time and tide, fell off, sudden as blow
a faint light occur the expression
not regulated; written about and
straight up dry facts getting thinking
subjects, to be so singularly looked
between us, and the red light in morning
passing along the dead of night
entered my head, every taper
as humble as never recalled
I seen him fawning for a single
lay in the seventh heaven
seriously believe it afterwards
talk about this as and ever
Well, its only for tonight
Anything will do…