Saturday, April 15, 2006

from unpublished ms. "General Cloudy View of Ladakh"


because we were surrounded
more than the complacency of experience
a train-journey’s amateur session
indoctrinated with atheism, thank god

but political games are bloody at last
I have thrown away the furniture
are we marching or staying at home
no change of heart has registered

I hope for vacant weeks of summer
an altruistic doctor and his woman
pissing on the grass in early morning
locking up the barn in darkness

there is still something unsolved
the distant views aren’t so bad
abandoned, being followed
dunkle, dull, deaf, dumb

the everyday zero in a pocket
it is our own life but we are probably
misunderstanding of the birth date
being, as we are, one century late

when I was young I prayed
Lord, I don’t want to be rich
now at last I can experience
my prayer fulfilled exactly