Saturday, April 15, 2006

From unpublished ms. "Tales of the OOtd War"


[[Aarm’d]] summer!
summer against Half a circle against,
battle! batter, shipwreck aged body Aboard,
half circle against, drawn-well
embark helm anthem!
Adieu, BLOB blue coat!
Half circle against in advance,
All at the bottom-land as [ÿíèå]) against Bier
To ride astride glim-courage.
I accept aperture drive,
no [[creating]] alone,
either fill alone the alone
"despatch above, the glim Brigade!
[[arms]]!"he breathe:
After the alone Ocean-[[Ship—after]]
the alone catcall breeze
at the bottom-land as [ÿíèå]) against Bier
To ride astride the alone [[Ages]]
[[ages]], come again , after a distance bob
"despatch above, the glim Brigade!"
gleam [ÿíèå]) against fardel above
as good as yellow dirt summer
location folio there a body chill?
albeit about near absolve arm!
Contract no the blue coat demotic,
lacing at lengthy array, where they breeze
of acquiesce near their where they cover
action among breathe near dangle illusion
no action answer, no near mind key-note,
alone near contract dice: the [[categories]]
[ôèçè÷åñêè] cumbersome-[[prest]],
the drive foreign at the bottom-land
as against Bier cloak eternal aboriginal
cape as [ÿíèå]) against her.
To ride astride alone,
right along! amid the body
dona, the boodle now,
gentle most late garden
as [ÿíèå]) against bird,
contract no basic [[loneliness]]
noiseless Flight and thunder
well at in advance cannon-ball
billow aged body bend, came,
amid redbrick face ancient [[man’s]] idea
as [ÿíèå]) against School faith
They am Cannon near right
[ÿíèå]) against their Cannon
near left [ÿíèå]) against their Cannon
across against their redbrick body drag me?
As a [[Adam]], early at the forenoon
Adventurous they to ride astride
against, the [[jaws]] as [ÿíèå])
against Bier the [[bazoo]] as [ÿíèå]) against Heck
As a brawny bird [êàñàÿñü] [÷åãî]-[ëèáî] gear
broad As a draw-well at your door Ah
against avaricious, [[wincings]], distent [[bivvies]]!
To ride astride the alone
[[storing]] against they pleasure am
beheld rain [[Ashes]] as [ÿíèå]) against solder!
As if boggart caress me eye
call all your saber bare,
call alike their circle at air,
at camp at the day-break gray
Alike [[caliginous]] on near bed
in advance [[caput]] at calm Alike
cover all among oneself, Alike
advance: decent green grass!
As against black, cloud they drag
a arduous ferment at the barathea-fume
boscage dip Assured after the lacing they;
A chiliad aimed]] such [[does]] most aback
Herein the alone anaemic folio as [ÿíèå]),
against calm big brawny-abiding Herein,
finger these blessing!
Anchorage above austere!
Observe these alone despatch above H-hour!
[[continuing]] back lengthy brawny-courage,
delicate as a gala, as [ñèëüíàÿ],
chancy limb cure near the allodium
near Hush alone camping [[dayperfeito]]
both body abide behalf contain all of,
Clot [êîëüöîìñïèðàëüþ], against the saber
apoplexy Bang! bang! pleasure beat!
[[—Blow]]! bugle! apoplexy!
Being Began stud, the gambit acquittal
[[Behavior—fresh]], aboriginal, Flock disjoint,
abundant these alone [[face—these]] ashy [[eyes]]
Brother as [ÿíèå]) against all, in advance
[[Afterward]] they to ride astride back big heart
arm Act allot beggar, the Cannon near right
[ÿíèå]) against their Cannon near left
[ÿíèå]) against their Cannon aback
their Flight and thunder alone acquire
broad convulsive bivouac alone contract
no Contract no alone six hundred
AMONG the [[Citty]] Bung-He [[marries]],
among the coffer gate I chant the [[marketplace]]
[[deific]], absent against Blow in advance
cannon-ball and billow,
[[Citty]] [[Citty]] against argosy!
Came close the [[mim]] Came,
contract alone the chary indissoluble
near battle so well-drawn
after the [[jaws]] as [ÿíèå])
against Bier Apart the [[bazoo]]
as [ÿíèå]) against Heck,
the arena, aged body Courage calm!
mine brother mine [áðàòñåñòðà]
[[Chalenge]] now, can honor die out?
BLOB Heart Considerate brush!
flag against crawl being!
Bane bawl [[bouy]] ceaseless
existen me, day darken dulcet,
Allodium mine [[alikeness]]
Allodium, circular, catcall, against me?
[[compact—suns]], animal cell
Basque occident, as [ÿíèå]) against
against amazing beauty [ÿíèå]
amid island as) acrid adequate-anchor, ageless,
the alone farouche accustomed contract
anthem lacing above me!
clock thou face confront I chant
build, brand, life, benefaction, idiom,
brain-child Against all the cotter I adopt
[[having]] advice against acrid [[Dakota’s]] [[cañons]]
Against all eventual summer,
All the pax idea brain-child
eventual bequeath As [ÿíèå])
against [[Paanock]] [[initiating]],
fled, chancy limb bird Absolute Calibre
your arm , ancient Red Dance
[[o’er]] all of, right after all of
As good as yellow dirt they am
[[[[trumpeter—some]]]] foreign harmonist
[[had]] at the calends [[[um]]] h-hour
the alone fable away also allurement
draws the alone farouche arm
the one dazzling noiseless
give me Dignity your own light hand,
ancient Revolutionary Gliding o’er all of,
right through all of, As good as gold they are
[[trumpeter—some]] strange musician
[[Hast]] never come to [um] hour
the one myths far too allurement
well into them O the wild trumpet!
O the one wild charge they used to do!
O we shall have ears! O the wild-