Saturday, April 15, 2006

Unaffiliated & unpublished poem from 2006


my family, that experiment,
never looked fur any good to come of
I my attention should be done, but
dressed up in a black leg of mutton,
and a pigeon-pie, not coat, broke
out so small carried off, my little
I was mean, looking on rosy water
that brought me home, Ah the present
with me, Sometimes, I proceeded
couldnt make it out, waits for loss,
time and tide, fell off, sudden as blow
a faint light occur the expression
not regulated; written about and
straight up dry facts getting thinking
subjects, to be so singularly looked
between us, and the red light in morning
passing along the dead of night
entered my head, every taper
as humble as never recalled
I seen him fawning for a single
lay in the seventh heaven
seriously believe it afterwards
talk about this as and ever
Well, its only for tonight
Anything will do…
Unaffiliated & unpublished poem from 2005.


I was exhaust, snowing deeply on the back seat.

Ten slightly with pack-knack, he'd kill dim self.

Fish tail din the mud.

Stumped head.

I woke notch.

Ass parse Ohio medium strip.

Useless prison downtown stateless line.

Would ply and formed mica.

Work gang as fault.

Mice sharded nervous ringing field.

Buffalo Indian feeling.

Own your own knees, listing.

After the game, king & pawn go back in the same box.

Steep rise after rise rafter eyes thicket.

Hemlock elm white pine going back aways.

Stark holler.

Train succumbing.
A currently unaffiliated & unpublished poem from 2004


Impossible to say anything
in particular, the familiar
always blocked up
with some silent
conversation the shape
of a pistol on the point
of blowing off
Small and quite pretty,
of the sort used by the middle class

It was impossible to see
along the whole length
of the chamber sent him
by God
There was the usual
extremely dark little hole,
ablaze with work
The work gave space
for workers, replenished
now and again from the limits
of weaker dreams
The old placid
toleration took
no notice,
wandered off to find
amusement elsewhere
The ordinary commonplace
opportunity to possess
secretly displaying
a confiding smile

A dubious motion
took delight like a winged
thing, and failed.
Another journey forward
sidled out down among
the tools as far as possible
out of reach and close to
‘they all seemed screwed’
from unpublished ms. "Radiation Chimaeras"


could not grasp, n.

the agonies

in proportion as faith grew / dim the light
left the torn lung into the blood / vessel of the brain
the wide world dreaming on things to come

commanding figures in a vast her red
and varied world mantle

into mysteries of the dynamo
aflame with their // parted lips told

victims of an overwhelming
things not given man to utter
pre-occupied with the stupendous

ransom / race / fallen
mastered / enriched

the figures / helpless / humanity
conceals / recalls sculpture

the diver, weary might surface

sudden grief pierced us on windless days

apart from the bleak commonplace
removed painlessly by working

landscape in a distance
color / faltering

kneelers looking / down all the time

the whole figure exhales
towards surrender / ecstatic

a note of rapturous anguish runs through them
From unpublished ms. "Tales of the OOtd War"


[[Aarm’d]] summer!
summer against Half a circle against,
battle! batter, shipwreck aged body Aboard,
half circle against, drawn-well
embark helm anthem!
Adieu, BLOB blue coat!
Half circle against in advance,
All at the bottom-land as [ÿíèå]) against Bier
To ride astride glim-courage.
I accept aperture drive,
no [[creating]] alone,
either fill alone the alone
"despatch above, the glim Brigade!
[[arms]]!"he breathe:
After the alone Ocean-[[Ship—after]]
the alone catcall breeze
at the bottom-land as [ÿíèå]) against Bier
To ride astride the alone [[Ages]]
[[ages]], come again , after a distance bob
"despatch above, the glim Brigade!"
gleam [ÿíèå]) against fardel above
as good as yellow dirt summer
location folio there a body chill?
albeit about near absolve arm!
Contract no the blue coat demotic,
lacing at lengthy array, where they breeze
of acquiesce near their where they cover
action among breathe near dangle illusion
no action answer, no near mind key-note,
alone near contract dice: the [[categories]]
[ôèçè÷åñêè] cumbersome-[[prest]],
the drive foreign at the bottom-land
as against Bier cloak eternal aboriginal
cape as [ÿíèå]) against her.
To ride astride alone,
right along! amid the body
dona, the boodle now,
gentle most late garden
as [ÿíèå]) against bird,
contract no basic [[loneliness]]
noiseless Flight and thunder
well at in advance cannon-ball
billow aged body bend, came,
amid redbrick face ancient [[man’s]] idea
as [ÿíèå]) against School faith
They am Cannon near right
[ÿíèå]) against their Cannon
near left [ÿíèå]) against their Cannon
across against their redbrick body drag me?
As a [[Adam]], early at the forenoon
Adventurous they to ride astride
against, the [[jaws]] as [ÿíèå])
against Bier the [[bazoo]] as [ÿíèå]) against Heck
As a brawny bird [êàñàÿñü] [÷åãî]-[ëèáî] gear
broad As a draw-well at your door Ah
against avaricious, [[wincings]], distent [[bivvies]]!
To ride astride the alone
[[storing]] against they pleasure am
beheld rain [[Ashes]] as [ÿíèå]) against solder!
As if boggart caress me eye
call all your saber bare,
call alike their circle at air,
at camp at the day-break gray
Alike [[caliginous]] on near bed
in advance [[caput]] at calm Alike
cover all among oneself, Alike
advance: decent green grass!
As against black, cloud they drag
a arduous ferment at the barathea-fume
boscage dip Assured after the lacing they;
A chiliad aimed]] such [[does]] most aback
Herein the alone anaemic folio as [ÿíèå]),
against calm big brawny-abiding Herein,
finger these blessing!
Anchorage above austere!
Observe these alone despatch above H-hour!
[[continuing]] back lengthy brawny-courage,
delicate as a gala, as [ñèëüíàÿ],
chancy limb cure near the allodium
near Hush alone camping [[dayperfeito]]
both body abide behalf contain all of,
Clot [êîëüöîìñïèðàëüþ], against the saber
apoplexy Bang! bang! pleasure beat!
[[—Blow]]! bugle! apoplexy!
Being Began stud, the gambit acquittal
[[Behavior—fresh]], aboriginal, Flock disjoint,
abundant these alone [[face—these]] ashy [[eyes]]
Brother as [ÿíèå]) against all, in advance
[[Afterward]] they to ride astride back big heart
arm Act allot beggar, the Cannon near right
[ÿíèå]) against their Cannon near left
[ÿíèå]) against their Cannon aback
their Flight and thunder alone acquire
broad convulsive bivouac alone contract
no Contract no alone six hundred
AMONG the [[Citty]] Bung-He [[marries]],
among the coffer gate I chant the [[marketplace]]
[[deific]], absent against Blow in advance
cannon-ball and billow,
[[Citty]] [[Citty]] against argosy!
Came close the [[mim]] Came,
contract alone the chary indissoluble
near battle so well-drawn
after the [[jaws]] as [ÿíèå])
against Bier Apart the [[bazoo]]
as [ÿíèå]) against Heck,
the arena, aged body Courage calm!
mine brother mine [áðàòñåñòðà]
[[Chalenge]] now, can honor die out?
BLOB Heart Considerate brush!
flag against crawl being!
Bane bawl [[bouy]] ceaseless
existen me, day darken dulcet,
Allodium mine [[alikeness]]
Allodium, circular, catcall, against me?
[[compact—suns]], animal cell
Basque occident, as [ÿíèå]) against
against amazing beauty [ÿíèå]
amid island as) acrid adequate-anchor, ageless,
the alone farouche accustomed contract
anthem lacing above me!
clock thou face confront I chant
build, brand, life, benefaction, idiom,
brain-child Against all the cotter I adopt
[[having]] advice against acrid [[Dakota’s]] [[cañons]]
Against all eventual summer,
All the pax idea brain-child
eventual bequeath As [ÿíèå])
against [[Paanock]] [[initiating]],
fled, chancy limb bird Absolute Calibre
your arm , ancient Red Dance
[[o’er]] all of, right after all of
As good as yellow dirt they am
[[[[trumpeter—some]]]] foreign harmonist
[[had]] at the calends [[[um]]] h-hour
the alone fable away also allurement
draws the alone farouche arm
the one dazzling noiseless
give me Dignity your own light hand,
ancient Revolutionary Gliding o’er all of,
right through all of, As good as gold they are
[[trumpeter—some]] strange musician
[[Hast]] never come to [um] hour
the one myths far too allurement
well into them O the wild trumpet!
O the one wild charge they used to do!
O we shall have ears! O the wild-
From unpublished ms. "Tales of the OOtd War"


I will not weary the reader with a description
of measured, floating, unconcerned intervals,
taken for targets, into which the second winter
storm had fallen, destroying the object before it
opened on that long morning and longer afternoon,
more absorbed than secure again in the presence
of the military, in the dark tides of safety,
in the rain and darkness watching church towers
slide down into ruin, carrying away both rudder
and anchor, night and the dawn rising up
like flotsam and an almost continuous streamer
of loneliness in human skins. Apparently we are
getting ready for a struggle. Schoolboy dreams
of battle and heroism amid the failing hands
we throw to mark our place. And in the sky
the sight of all this armament, imagination
were mysterious as well as busy, and morning
contains only a very inaccurate description
of the killing of an inch of ourselves, every jolt,
the blood busy in our pit with a hollow sound
of hammering heard for the first time as the dead
on the outskirts lock up and leave, talking
vigorously about the battle, the trees, blood red,
an unfamiliar everything behind the wagon
that we flung him in, the man in a ditch
with a flag on a long pole, become belligerent
for some desperate glory without success.
As much notice of such confessions made
to signal as the stereotyped glittering formulae
smothering on innocent tongues, knowing
no power for use against the body, helpless
in that pit of ours, swollen full of flags
and pennants and sadness come clattering
down like hussars burst into smoky red flame
under the railway bridge where men fall
into heard music and the colours of earth.
The horrible eyes all vaguely flickering
with the inevitable suggestion of dense black
shadows and the night swallowed up with wind,
and every morning bitter. Beyond the shore
there are waters blown by loneliness
into our heritage, the colossal mechanism
so lonely laid away. The night skies coil
into burning funnels of broken red
fragments upon the flower of dawn.
All this is ended now. All else begins.
A pretty old poem I think. Unpublished I think.


bull moon over manhattan, events
separated by distant swells alight
all tuned to posture, twirls, smoke
primps their maleness in the wind chain
reaction imposes solution, allure, ore
the lack, digressive, so many many men
so little crime in tight dark rows in order
to be noticed behind the enlarging
full of a sparkling night
coarse, scarcely rythmic
innate composure
from unpublished ms. "in coherent reading"


& if
finger pointing

the moves
&rattled acts
of young

behind the
bowling alley
park it

bottle it

from unpublished ms. "General Cloudy View of Ladakh"


because we were surrounded
more than the complacency of experience
a train-journey’s amateur session
indoctrinated with atheism, thank god

but political games are bloody at last
I have thrown away the furniture
are we marching or staying at home
no change of heart has registered

I hope for vacant weeks of summer
an altruistic doctor and his woman
pissing on the grass in early morning
locking up the barn in darkness

there is still something unsolved
the distant views aren’t so bad
abandoned, being followed
dunkle, dull, deaf, dumb

the everyday zero in a pocket
it is our own life but we are probably
misunderstanding of the birth date
being, as we are, one century late

when I was young I prayed
Lord, I don’t want to be rich
now at last I can experience
my prayer fulfilled exactly

published as a chapbook by
e.g. press, San Francisco 1986

we are having lost in an ebullient desert,
inventions coming to this beside us
creatures on their bellies beginning
the way this must have felt, brachiostrophic lovers
under a finely-tuned europe is in bloom.

She’s three parts restaurant, one part girl
under a sadness too big for the room,
beneath headways, indian burial fluctuations
lemon groves; premonitions
of a naked semaphore of the damned.


Those are fat animals
below their own leather
heads dipped like that
our directions so to speak
white is the color of
everything copulates with itself.


coming back under shelf-life
ribbons of sunset envy, we
could count on our fingers
mesozoic tucson ambulance corps pathos
highways twisting in the heat beds
forgetting what coming off the mountains is a place
laments, if we had fingers


some distances beyond fortune
coming in line with the main line
under the rivers, she said, subterranean.
blinking like cars, cylinder probabilities
anemones, vapors, tickets to
wedding parties stranded in busports.
she was a mormon tabernacle and she
was gone the next morning.


horizon flattened by wolves
we want meat and radium
and access to information.
we grease the atmospheric machinery
we breathe your blood, nostrils,
all the parts. the parts come together
in the cylinder world, spiralling down.


pentatonic passenger conveyances converge
what is being freed or what frees.

boxcars jangling.
think of the sky dark.

the desert is paleonavigable
under adverse conditions.


timetabled enigmatics

positioning problems abound
cattle roam; lone dictums on the prowl,
hungry leather uppers, some filthy
reasons for this.


animus mirabile!

contentious depressions thwart land transport
extra read all about it

vague surge

cylinders tick


memory precedes discovery
cruel and unusual employment
cylinder mating, cylinder fun.

where you find me and where I can be found.


downgrade ahead
she takes her pantyhose off
in the middle of the desert and pees.

culprit, evasions, some swelter
the pleasure machine needs greased.
a wasted trip and lost baggage
can you tell me where the men’s room is.


transported sordid and heavy
wall of sound. control your emotions
don’t lose your ticket, frontier.

some patches of this. slick.
wet. that cylinder over there
the loudest pushing through we’ve
ever rained in. all aboard.


international house of
necrophilia breakfast.

croissant moon


artificiality quotient: more
weather than previously imagined.

what soaks in.

cummerbund earthmovers, wet tungsten lights
in heavy rains. what pushes.


force-fed paranoia
the word was made cylinder, I can’t
stop what landings, a desert growing overnight,
fix coffee, stir uneasily.


cylinder weather:

coptic landing gear
factotum deluge
guten mordant, herr human.

nocturnal permission revoked.

the halo cast.

inversion of flanders
solo reaps glory, human hedge
your bets. ladies and cylinders.

all dead, all dead.

the establishment of private zones.
posthumous sex.


the bastards have got the girl!

truck river serenade
deadly wait, heliotrope
azimuth, craters, bashing,
all fall down


pinhead wilderness sanctuary
where’s your boy is tonight
have you hugged your fear leaves an impression
a suicide remembers everything.


normal bus. waits in line for
people, tells itself stories.

cautionary indicators, vented.
ballast mornings dropped opening

the cylinders are thinner
higher altitudes.


lick that somewhere else
the highway is a valve and you’re a valve
sick cylinders, everyone’s a fever tonight.

unidentified farming object.

the redemption of the plain.


proceed now in the fact of it
penultima facie;
listen for the motion of your lips
rebus holland, damn.

rural side effects
beyond trusting distance
how to control your own emotions.

stopping here before going on.